Terms of Service

Bingham Ventures LLC takes no accountability for the actions of its members in any way shape or form. Remember Metro Wars is just a game and in no way meant to effect real life.

1) Terms of Service and rules are subject to change without notice by registering to become a member you agree to all terms of service and all rules.

2) By registering you agree to follow all game rules or suffer the punishment.

3) Each player is allowed one account, however if you have more then on player playing on same computer/or ip you must contact staf and have staf note added to the account or you will be deemed a illegal multi and game banned.

4) All actions within your account fall under your accountability.

5) All purchases, donator pack, and other in game upgrades are non-refundable, if you purchase and then get banned for a violation of the rules. You will NOT be refunded.

6) Bingham Ventures LLC holds no accountability for mail content, forum content, username content, or any other user controled content.

7) SPAMING Chat Services, Forums, Search Engines, E-Mail, or anyother form of unwanted spamming of your referal link will not be tolerated.

8) Signing up to do nothing but advertise something such as another game, your site or whatever is considered SPAM and your account will be terminated.

9) Attacking or threatening to attack our networks in any form is a violation of 18 U.S.C. 1030.Fraud and Related Activity in Connection with Computers. And will be reported to the DOJ and FCC you can view this act by clicking HERE

10) If applying for staff on one of our games you will be required to submit personal information such as Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Goverment Id Number, or other personal information. This information is kept private and only used in extreme cases where it is needed for legal action.

11) Game items, donator packs, donator items, and everything else inside the game is subject to change without notice for the better of the game as a whole.

12) At no time will your email address or any information collected at sign up beyond your username be shared with anyone.

By registering you agree to ALL terms of service and ALL game rules. You also agree that Bingham Ventures LLC can terminate your services at anytime for any reason we see fit without warning and without refund of donations.

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